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What Zoë's Place means to my family...

When I was carrying my youngest daughter, Aubrey, she was unfortunately diagnosed with severe Hydrocephalus. I hadn't heard of the condition before but, I knew that it was serious and my daughter’s future would always be undetermined. I was 22 years old and I had never felt so vulnerable. During Aubrey's recovery, we were introduced to Zoë's place which, at first I was dubious about. Since Aubrey's birth, I felt like, as her mother and carer I was obliged to care for her around the clock 24/7 without needing any other support.

Zoë's place invited us for a visit to their facility, and I was surprised to see that it was absolutely incredible. I was expecting it to be very similar to a hospital, I was concerned about this as Aubrey had already spent 9 months in hospital and I didn't want my daughter to feel as though, she was away from home and around strangers again. However, it was a more like a nursery or day care centre but with all the specialist equipment she needed. The sensory and soft ball rooms were more than equipped for my daughter's needs. I was more stunned by the care, love, devotion, and commitment the staff showed towards the children and finally realized that Zoë's place was actually, the perfect setting for Aubrey. A place where she would not to be singled out, discriminated against or judged.

Aubrey Rose, and her elder sister, were welcomed with open arms and I soon came to realize Zoë's was a real home from home environment. Not only did it offer respite for families but, I could rely upon the staff to care for my daughter's individual needs and communicate with her in a way she could understand. I will always be eternally grateful for the charity's existence not only on behalf of my daughter but, on behalf of myself because without Zoë's service I wouldn't have the time to fulfil my dream of becoming a nurse. Thank you to each and every member of the staff, at Zoë's for your commitment, your dedication and most importantly, loving my daughter unconditionally.


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