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'It's A Knockout' 2019 *Event Now Full*
Middlesbrough Hospice

'It's A Knockout' 2019 *Event Now Full*

'It's A Knockout' 2019 *Event Now Full*
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We are thrilled to announce that once again we are hosting one of our most favorite events, ''ITS A KNOCKOUT!!'

This is always a fantastic day of fun, foam, and lots of laughs, and all for a wonderful cause - our special babies and children at Zoe's Place.

As well as two adult heats ( morning and afternoon) we will also have a children's session over lunchtime (Age groups - age 8 to 11 and age 12 to 14 £5 pp and £25 in sponsorship.

WHERE IS IT HELD? - The event will be held at TIBS Football and SPorts Ground, Ingleby Barwick

WHEN? - Saturday the 22nd of June 2019

HOW MUCH IS IT TO ENTER? - Registration is just £10 PER PERSON for Adults and £5 for children (NON REFUNDABLE) which helps us cover the cost of your team teeshirt which we will have printed with your chosen team name, water, sponsor sheets and fundraising pack

DO I NEED TO RAISE MONEY?- Although this is a fantastic fun day, the ultimate aim is to help us raise much needed funds for Zoe's Place Baby Hospice. We do realise however that times are hard, so we ask each of you to pledge to raise £50 PER PERSON for adults and £25 per person for children which we think is a reasonable amount - although if you raise more than that then brilliant! We kindly ask you to send any raised funds to us within 8 weeks of the event - either send it to us in a cheque, or you could pop in with the money. You can also register with Justgiving and do all your fundraising online if you prefer.

HOW MANY PEOPLE DO I NEED IN MY TEAM? We need TEN people per team, and ask one of you to be 'team captain' as this makes it easier if we need to contact you for any reason. We also need you to come up with a team name - it can be as simple or as wacky as you like - as long as we can fit it on the back of your teeshirts!

WHICH COMPANY SUPPLIES THE EQUIPMENT FOR THE DAY? Your safety and enjoyment is of paramount importance to us, so we naturally only use the very best! 'Graham Fisher's International 'It's A Knockout' team were the very first company to take the ex-BBC props on the road from the original Its A Knockout TV programme. They have continually developed new ideas and equipment every year, providing highly individual inflatables,games and challenges.
They are without doubt the biggest & most professional It's A Knockout company on the road. and always put on a brilliant show.

DO I NEED TO BE REALLY FIT?  You need to be in good health, but this isn't the Great North Run! As long as you are reasonably fit you shouldn't have a problem - if you can manage on a bouncy castle then you can manage this course!

HOW CAN I REGISTER? It works best if one of your team takes on the role on of 'Team Captain', to give us a main point of contact. Please click the button below for Registration Forms:


The forms must be returned with the relevant fees ( This seems to work better if the Team Captain collects the forms and fees altogether and then gets them to us so you can make sure everyone has signed up and paid!) 
Once we have total team fee, your team place is confirmed. We can then send out sponsor forms to the team captain 

We will contact you nearer the date of the event to give you a specific registration time. This will depend on how many teams we have taking part, so we may not be able to give you a time until a week before the event.

PLEASE NOTE THAN WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR TEAM PLACES UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR REGISTRATION FEE. Places will be filled on a first come first served basis, and as they tend to fill up quickly we recommend that you make payment as soon as possible to secure your entry. REQUESTING A REGISTRATION PACK DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY GUARANTEE YOU A TEAM PLACE, YOU MUST RETURN THE FEE TO GUARANTEE YOUR PLACE!!

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? We will have two shows -(* THE TIMES AND TIMINGS NEED TO BE CONFIRMED, more details to follow) and a lunchtime childrens event.

IS THIS FOR CORPORATES AND COMPANIES ONLY? No! It IS a great team building day, so is perfect for companies, however if you want to get together with your family or your friends then that's fine!

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING ON THE DAY? A change of clothes/shoes and a towel! It is best to compete in something you find easy to move in such as shorts or leggings. You will be provided with a teeshirt with your team name printed on the back. We will have changing facilities available for you to change into something dry after the event. YOU WILL GET WET!!!

CAN MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS COME AND CHEER US ON? Of course!! The more the merrier! 

IS THERE PARKING AVAILABLE? The venue has plenty of parking, however cars are parked at your own risk


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