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Family Support

At Zoë's Place, we are not just here to support the baby, but the whole family. Our Nurses are trained in how to support families dealing with difficult issues or bereavements. There are many ways which we provide support, which you can find out about below. 


Our Nurses are fully trained on how to provide counselling, advice and support to our families. This can be provided in various different ways. The families can turn to our staff with any worries or concerns they may be having, in a safe and private environment. We always encourage this as sometimes talking about these issues  and knowing that someone is listening can help, especially through difficult times. As well as this, our Nurses are available on the other end of the phone 24 hours a day to provide advice if it is needed or generally to just be a reassuring voice. We know from experience that this has been a huge comfort to our families and something we are proud to be able to provide.

Bereavement Support 

We provide Bereavement Support during the most difficult time of peoples lives. No one can imagine how hard it must be to go through the loss of a child, but our Nurses are trained to provide support in the most sensitive and effective way. The family can also make use of our Family Suite and Rainbow Room. This consists of a resting suite for the baby, newly refurbished lounge/kitchen area and a bedroom for the family to stay in. This means that from the moment of passing, right up until the funeral, the family can be at the babies side, if they so wish. We also have a beautiful chapel should the family wish to hold the funeral service with us. We can also assist with practical things such as registering the death, funeral arrangements, counselling, supporting siblings and creating memory boxes for the family to keep.

Sibling & Family Days

Caring for a child with complex needs can be difficult for the whole family, and so we like to make sure that no one is left out here at Zoë's Place. As we have already mentioned, our care doesn't just stop with the baby, we stretch to reach the wider family too. Our Play Leader organises 'Sibling Days', where the brothers and sisters of our babies can come along for the day to do activities and have a fun break with other children who are in the same situation that they are in, as well as ensuring that they are supported to cope with any difficulties that they may encounter. We also organise day's for the whole family to come along and have a fun treat, as well as bringing all of our families together. We also organise Days out and family parties.