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At Zoë's Place we provide respite for families who have a child aged between 0-5 years, who have a life limiting or life threatening condition. During the time that the child stays with us, we provide various different therapies in order to try and improve quality of life. Take a look below to find out abit more about these services that we offer.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art as a way to communicate. It allows the child to use art materials for self expression  in a safe environment, using art instead of spoken words. Children are naturally creative, and it is usually easier for them to draw a picture as opposed to answering questions directly. They may be reluctant or even hostile about discussing certain topics but creating artwork is a non-threatening venue that allows them to tackle tough issues in a creative way.




With the varied conditions that our babies have, physiotherapy is of huge importance and is a big part of the services we provide. It reduces breathing difficulties, aids pain control, helps restore or maintain physical movement, alleviates discomfort from stiff joints spasms & muscle pains, and helps prevent development of future problems. Each child's physio sessions will be individual and tailored to them and our Physiotherapist works with the babies in various different ways. This could be by promoting exercise, encouraging play and movement, providing relaxation techniques such as massage and much much more. The overall aim is to try to ensure that the babies mobility is as normal as possible, to try and help them to maintain as good a quality of life as possible, for as long as possible.

Play Therapy

It is important to provide play and stimulation for each baby during their stay with us. Our Play Leader will assess each child individually, to see what their abilities are so that they can tailor each session to their individual needs, and can inform and guide the rest of the staff on the best activities to suit them. Every child loves to play, and that is no exception to the little lives that we care for here at Zoë’s Place. Our soft play area provides a soft and safe environment for our babies to be able to play and have some freedom to explore, just like any other child. Whilst they are in there, we know that they are safe and they are able to have fun. The soft play area also provides a great place to provide Physiotherapy and a chance for our babies to get some exercise.


Music Therapy

Music has always been a powerful tool for expression. It can touch our emotions deeply and allows for a freedom of communication with no words. Using music in an interactive way has positive effects on brain development. For a small baby who is often overwhelmed with external stimuli, music can help the brain organize at staying calm. We are often visited by Dom The Music Man who spens time singing and playing the guitar to our children.


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